Avon Finishing powder HD set and brush

HD Finishing Powder | Review

Hello Everyone! When’s the last time you found a finishing powder that you actually liked?

Personally, for me, its never! I’ve never owned a finishing powder, and I’ve never found something this good!

Personally, I’ve only ever used “normal” powders to set my makeup, and never anything that was actually meant to be a “setting” powder.


Girlz Only Dry Shampoo

Girlz Only Dry Shampoo | Review

Hello Everyone! As you know, I love Dry Shampoo, and I’m forever trying new ones.

For me, its all about finding the perfect match for your hair, and finding what works for your hair type and f course, what doesn’t leave you with bright white roots! I had left my Holy Grail Batiste Dry Shampoo at home, and being at Derek’s for a weekend meant I’d need some. So off we went to Tesco where I found this for the small price of £2.50! Bargain!


NYX Matte Lip Creams

NYX Lip Creams | Review

Hello Everyone! Have you heard of the amazing Brands NYX Cosmetics?

No? How?!

NYX are taking the beauty world by storm at the moment with their amazing lip products. From the Matte Lip Creams to their Lingerie Lip Products, everyone wants some! I was able to pick up two of the amazing Matte Lip Creams and I’ve been super exited to write this post since they came in the mail!


Forever Aloe Tube

Forever Aloe Toothpaste Review

Hello Everyone! Have you heard of the Forever Aloe range?

Hopefully you said no too, as before I was introduced to this, I had no idea either.

But then, a few weeks back at Derek’s house, his mum mentioned a new toothpaste she had gotten, and she told me to try it to see what my thoughts were. So of course, I did and even took pictures! I feel before continuing I need to add I am not being asked by a consultant to do this post, but I’m doing it on my own 100%.



The British Tag

Hello Everyone! Here’s a new tag post to tickle your fancy – ” The British Tag!”

I personally live in Northern Ireland, which gives me dual nationality to be both British and Irish. Personally I identify as both, and have a passport for each nationality. So when I saw this tag, I thought it would be something fun for a Friday!